Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 Giveth and 2008 Taketh Away

Same-sex marriage rights in California
The blue-eyed boy (reinstalled in friendship capacity)
An assistant editor in L.A.
A significant chunk of my freelance budget
Many thousands of magazine jobs, and many more thousands of other jobs too
Five pounds
Some of the moisture in my hair (see below: blonder)
Hope for another consecutive Raiders football season

The same five pounds
One Huell Howser autographed print and one California's Gold tote bag
President-elect Barack Obama
The Palin rap on SNL
A new iPhone
A nicely blonder head of curls (see above: lost moisture)
An unforgettable trip to Mexico
Best Coachella weekend yet
A triumphant Grand Canyon hike
So, so much thrilling possibility


Abby said...

what a year! What a month!

Lisa said...

Ah, those tricky five pounds. The gift the keeps re-giving.

Happy holidays and I hope your party is super fun!

Avril Love said...

Girl, I know 2009 is crazy-giving, but you need to get back on this blog!

Diet Coke and a Side of Fries said...

It seems 2008 also taketh away The Gist.

lil miss dubin said...

Ugh, I know! I keep saying I'm going to get back to it, but...

...Anyway, thanks for caring! One day—I hope soon—I'm going to start writing here again, I swear! And I hope I'll still have, like, one reader by then.