Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Which I Eliminate Excess Baggage

Here's the thing. Years ago, I told you that I thought the TSA's ban of liquids and gels over three ounces amounted to a kind of racial profiling. Because everyone knows that Jewish girls with hair like mine need mousse—which comes in bottles hovering around eight ounces, and which cannot be compacted into a smaller-size vessel because of its aerosol nature. And that is why, ever since the TSA regulation took effect, I have always had to check a suitcase, even when flying somewhere for only an overnight trip.

My prefered mousse brand—John Frieda Frizz-Ease—used to make tiny 2-ounce bottles of mousse, and then stopped making them ages ago to my deep dismay. I have always said that if I ever see those little bottles of nectar again, I will buy out the stock.

So we flash forward to this morning's trip to Target, whereupon I discovered the travel-size mousse bottles are back, their recognizable silvery skins glinting under the fluorescents! This in itself would have been huge news. But there is so much bonus good news too:

1) Turns out the 2-ounce travel-size mousse bottles are $0.97, and the full-size, 7.2-ounce bottles are $5.39. So do the math! That's a savings of like half by volume (almost)! Of course it's also a lot of extra packaging, so I'll still buy the full-size bottles for home use. And:

2) John-Frieda Frizz-Ease has a new formulation! For curly hair! And it comes in the travel size! Could this get better?

So I bought eight. It should be enough to last a while, but I'll be completely bummed if they disappear from stock again. That said, as of last week, I am the proud owner of 50 shares of Target stock (as part of my new foray into investing, spurred by boyfriend DR—whose presence on the scene accounts in part for why I have neglected this blog for so long, but that's another story, which won't appear on the Internet), so I'm pretty sure that means I get to determine what products the store carries in the future. (Right?) That way, I will never run out of plane-OK mousse. Who's the sucka now, TSA?

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mexi melt said...

i wonder what DR stand for? is he a nice jewish doctor? gosh, i hope so!!!

on another note, you know they sell mousse here in san francisco, don't you? and you know i have one stashed in my closet for your visits.